Self Defense Classes in Tucson, AZ

Self defense has never been so important. We live in unpredictable times when venturing out of your home can feel like quite a scary and daunting experience. Having the skills to protect yourself can not only boost your confidence but could be critical should the worst happen while you’re carrying on your daily life.

Martial Arts School Tucson

We can all benefit from learning about self defense and how to protect ourselves should we be attacked. At NKS, we teach our students a style of highly effective karate known as Shindo Jinen Ryu, which is a very old and well-established form of self defense that equips you with all the knowledge you need to stay safe. Under the guidance of expert coaches, we can take you through the moves and disciplines which could ultimately save your life.

Women's Self Defense Classes

Many women feel vulnerable when they leave the house, particularly if they are on their own, in more isolated surroundings, or outside after daylight hours. Self defense knowledge is crucial for women, which is why we run special women-only classes for our students in Tucson, AZ. Here you can learn the techniques you need to stay safe, in a friendly and supportive environment, and under the tutelage of expert practitioners of Shindo Jinen Ryu karate.

Self Defense Training

Being trained in self defense can make all the difference should you be threatened or even attacked. Ongoing training in Shindo Jinen Ryu will allow you to master the basics and move on to ever more advanced techniques, so you’re fully prepared for any eventuality. We never know what awaits us when we leave home in the morning, so it pays to be equipped with the skills you need to effectively deal with any threat you might face.

For more information on the classes we run or to book your place, simply get in touch with us today.