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Our classes are taught in a family-oriented atmosphere that provides individualized attention and positive self-esteem. Our program is designed to help children and adults achieve their goals in life.

Kids Karate

Karate is a great skill for anyone to learn, but the extremely disciplined nature of martial arts can be very beneficial to young children. Not only can karate help with their motor skills and coordination, but martial arts movements also teach kids about body and spatial awareness. There are many other benefits too, including helping children understand the power of the mind over the body. Ultimately, karate, or in the case of our school, Shindo Jinen Ryu, is a great tool for both your child's physical and mental development. Shindo Jinen Ryu is a form of karate founded in 1933 and has three main elements: kata (forms or patterns of moves), kihon (basics), and kumite (sparring).

Karate Near Me

Karate is for more than just kids and can be a great learning opportunity for adults too. Whether you're looking to master karate as a method of self-defense or you just want to learn a new skill that you can dedicate your free time to, karate sessions are a great way to get out of the house and exercise in a productive and useful manner. Our instructor, Sensei Patrick Martin, is highly experienced in karate, holding a 5th-degree black belt and having taken part in karate competitions and demonstrations around the world. At the Nihon Karate School of Tucson, you will learn from the best.

Kids Karate Classes Tucson, AZ

Karate Classes Near Me

If you're looking for karate classes in Tucson, Arizona, and the surrounding areas, get in touch with the team at Nihon Karate School of Tucson today. You will learn a range of life skills and important self-defense methods that you can put to good use in a range of situations, all whilst helping to improve your long-term health and fitness. To enroll, just give us a call at (520) 747-9800.