Karate-Do is traditional martial arts training for a modern lifestyle. We learn Balance, Health and Harmony as our way of life.

Our classes are taught in a family-oriented atmosphere that provides individualized attention and positive self-esteem. Our program is designed to help children and adults achieve their goals in life.

For children, karate will open a door to building a solid foundation of self-esteem and confidence. Children learn respect for others as a priority, which naturally leads to a respect for oneself. For adults, some benefits for training in karate are to have fun and to get in better physical condition. Another benefit is learning self-defense. It will improve endurance, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, balance, and helps with reducing stress. For sport competitions, students will learn traditional kata (forms), and kumite (sparring) techniques.


Nihon Karate School

Why Practice Karate?

  1. -Learning valuable life skills

  2. -Discipline

  3. -Self-Esteem

  4. -Confidence

  5. -Respect

  6. -Integrity

  7. -Goal Setting

  8. -Fitness

  9. -Cardiovascular

  10. -Strength and Agility

  11. -Improve Concentration

  12. -Self-Defense

  13. -Sport Competition

Our Address:

8987 E Tanque Verde Rd # 313

Tucson, AZ 85749